What is the best method for grilling?

What is the best method for grilling? Grilling is a staple summer activity that almost every family engages in at least once a week. There are many different ways to grill, but what is the best way? We will explore all the different techniques and benefits behind each of them.

Charcoal Grilling:

Charcoal grills are one of the most popular types; they give the meat that distinct smoky flavor and are often associated with summer. They also offer more control overheating than other methods, making it easier to find a temperature that is ideal for you.

On the downside, charcoal grills take time to set up and clean up which can be a hassle for some. Also, while these grills can produce an intensely flavorful meal, they do have a tendency to give the food a slightly acrid taste which is not suitable for all dishes.

Gas Grilling:

This method lacks some of the smoky flavors that charcoal grills offer but requires less prep and cleaning time. It is also much easier to control the temperature, making it popular among chefs and expert grillers.

However, gas grills can sometimes make getting a good sear difficult because they do not get as hot as charcoal ones. Another downside is that these types are usually more expensive than charcoal or other kinds of grilling methods, though some are cheaper than others.

Electric Grilling:

Electric grill taste a lot like the real thing, but they lack some of the flavor that comes from charring meat over direct heat flames. The biggest benefit of electric grills is that they are easy to transport and can be used almost anywhere.

Their main downside is that they often take longer than other kinds of grills.

Smoker Grilling:

Smokers use indirect heat, meaning that the food heats through a combination of hot air that surrounds it and moisture which makes it retain more flavor. In addition, smokers do not use open flames so there is no chance of burning the meat.

These have a downside because you will need to invest in a smoker box or some other kind of way to impart flavor to your meal. Also, it takes longer to cook foods with this method than other kinds of grilling.

Spit Grilling:

One of the more interesting ways to grill, spit roasting involves placing a spear with meat on it and spinning it over an open fire. This method makes even cooking easier and can be spiced up with herbs or other flavorings that you rub into the surface of the meat before you start cooking it.

Unfortunately, spit roasting tends to be slightly messier than other methods, but it does offer the advantage of being able to roast multiple portions at once.

Smorgasbord Grilling:

This method is best for those who want an entire meal in one sitting. Involving a combination of different kinds of grilling, this method starts out with a hot charcoal grill and finishes it off with an electric one.

The biggest benefit of this type is that you get a meal in the shortest amount of time possible, but it also produces a lot of smoke which can be annoying if you are grilling indoors. Another downside is that some types of food will not work well with smorgasbords and that cleanup time is longer than with other types of grilling.

Hawaiian Grilling:

This method of grilling starts out as a barbecue but finishes it off by putting the meat in a heated oven which is very similar to roasting. The biggest benefits of this technique are that it is simple and fast and produces a lot of intense flavors.

On the downside, you cannot use this method to cook vegetables or other types of foods because they will not hold up as well to the oven grilling part. Also, existing grill owners will need to invest in an oven and some type of drip pan for this method.

Spit-roast Grilling:

This way of grilling is similar to regular spit roasting except that instead of cooking the meat by rotating it above an open flame, you put it in a closed oven and cook it by trapping the heat and letting hot air circulate around the food. Another benefit of this method is that it takes less time than other types, but it also tends to produce drier food.

Unfortunately, these roasting techniques also take away a lot of the smoky flavors that you get from the open flames in the regular technique and require that you invest in ovens or other types of closed heaters. Also, this method is not easy for cooking larger pieces of meat because they are difficult to fit into the ovens.

Smoke Roast:

This method of grilling starts out with a regular barbecue but finishes it off by enclosing the meat in foil and putting it in an oven for 10-20 minutes. The benefits of this technique are that you do not need extra equipment for it, but the downside is that the meat will not get as much flavor from the smoke.

Dutch Oven Grilling:

Large metal pots can also be used for grilling, but because of their larger size, they are easier to use than normal barbecues. The advantages of using a dutch oven are that it does not require extra equipment other than the pot and that you can grill larger amounts of food at once.

The downside to this method is that it does not give your meat as much flavor as other methods because there is no way for smoke to penetrate it. Also, since the pot is metal, you will have to oil the surface so that the food does not stick to it.


All types of grilling have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the best method for nearly everyone is barbecue because it combines smoke roasting with spit roasting. It also tends to produce the most flavor out of any other type and is the simplest to use making it popular among those who love to grill.

Ah, summertime. Grilling is a staple activity of the season–especially for dads–that almost every family engages in at least once a week. If you’re new to barbecuing, you might be wondering what’s the best way to grill? We’ll explore all the different ways here.

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